More About Us

More About Us

Community Church Northampton was started about 10 years ago with a committed core, some new to Northampton, and some who have been around a long time! We are now made up of people from all over Northampton.

We have a distinctly family flavour, with lots of involvement from everyone, with a strong missional intent to be inclusive to all and to reach out with God’s loving desire to do people good. Our gatherings are informal and relaxed, and we try to make space for people to get to know each other better and share life together. Food is normally involved somewhere, whether it is a break for coffee and cake, or starting with breakfast. We meet in a variety of formats to help us express our relational and missional purpose, but most often we will be found at Parklands Community Centre on a Sunday morning.


Finding a place of belonging with Community Church Northampton is not so much a destination as it is a journey. You are welcome to connect with us at any of our gatherings/activities. If you don’t know any of us yet, then drop us an email, text, facebook message or whatever, or more easily just come along to Parklands Community Centre (check out the diary page for exactly what we are up to that week). Or you might enjoy Messy Church on a Sunday afternoon once a halfterm. Or our midweek Local Houses of Prayer. Or you may be interested in particular ways to move on in your faith journey and enjoy one of the courses we run.

In general though, people are welcome to find a place of belonging with us wherever they are in their faith journey, whether they haven’t really even got going, or are going full pelt! A little warning though, the longer you are around the more likely it is you will be wanting to get involved, finding a place to serve other people, and become actively involved.

Vision and Values

We have 6 aspirations as a community:
1) We want to be a worshipping community, growing in our devotion to God
2) We want to be a growing, vibrant community, actively including all peoples
3) We want to be a caring community, sharing all of life together
4) We want to be a community of radical, faith-filled disciples, becoming and making dedicated followers of Jesus
5) We want to be a community of the Word and the Spirit, knowing Spirit empowered lives
6) We want to be creative and varied in our expressions of church for the sake of God’s mission

For those who understand the terms, we would broadly be considered evangelical (see Evangelical Alliance Basis of Faith), charismatic, missional and fairly organic!

Key Connections

We are a member of the Salt and Light Family of Churches across the UK and the Salt and Light family around the world.



We are a member of Churches Together in Northampton.




A number of our church family are involved in The Manna House Bookshop and Counselling Service in Northampton.


Kings School of Theology is a part-time theology course run by Salt and Light aimed at every church member who wants to know their bible more. It is a fantastic course valued by a number of our church family. Think about whether you should do it!


These churches are very good friends of ours and part of our wider family of churches: