Growing in Faith

Growing in Faith

Our church community includes people from all walks of life and backgrounds. We have found that finding God in and through Jesus has brought new life, freedom and purpose to us. We can recommend him to you!




rejesus is full of interesting resources for people exploring faith.



We periodically run a number of courses to help us grow in our faith:



The Alpha Course

We love to run the Alpha course. It is an opportunity to explore faith in a non-threatening environment. It is based around food, a talk and open discussion. We have found it to be very effective in helping people make the next steps in their faith journey. You can find out more at the Alpha Course Website,




Life’s Healing Choices

Do you ever feel like the past is dictating your life? Do you ever feel stuck, unable to move forward? Do you ever wonder how to walk through life in a way that promotes a healthy life? This course walks through 8 steps to growth and freedom. We genuinely think everyone needs to do this!!





Get Involved

Of course the best way to grow in faith is to get involved in an active community of faith, and find a place to serve! So … Get Involved!